March 21, 2011

History of Football

The origins of the history of the emergence of football sport still invite debate. Some of the documents explained that football was born since Roman times, partly explain football comes from China. FIFA as world football's governing body officially declared that football was born from mainland China is the Chinese people originated from the game the 2nd century until the 3rd BC. The sport was known as "tsu chu".

According to Bill Murray, an expert on football history, in his book The World Game: A History of Football, football has been played since the beginning of AD. At that time, people in the era of Ancient Egypt are familiar with carrying and kicking a ball game which is made of bundles of linen cloth. History of Ancient Greece also noted there is a game called episcuro, using a ball game. The evidence was reflected in the reliefs on the walls of the museum that depicts a young boy holding a round ball and play it with the thigh.

Many theories about who was initially carrying out this football game, but certainly, english is the which began perfecting so smooth progress as it is today. Initiative began in 1863, precisely on October 26, when eleven clubs in London held a meeting to clear up confusion by making a series of fundamental rules to regulate the next matches. The meeting was successfully formed Football Association (FA) is the first release of the group although tails Rugby in the meeting for refusing to step on, kick the shins and run / carry the ball. Finally, on December 8, 1863, the official Rugby resigned himself and the two go on their own.

In 1907, there stood the World Football Federation (FIFA) in Paris, France on the initiative of 7 countries, namely France, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Of the seven members grow to 36 in 1925, and after World War II interrupted, FIFA has been followed by the 73 members in the struggle for the World Cup II. Today FIFA has as many as 146.3 million club members, 200,000 of them located in Europe with approximately 680,000 teams and 22 million active players.

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