April 23, 2011

Real madrid Copa del Rey winner but the trophy run over a bus destroyed

Real madrid won its first title under Jose Mourinho when Cristiano Ronaldo header in the last dramatic extra-time securing a 1-0 win over Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey, or King's Cup on Wednesday.

At the Mestalla Stadium, Valencia, the Portuguese players welcome at Mary's Angel's cross on 103 minutes after Barcelona dominated the second half.

Ambassadors as well as team advisor madrid Zinedine Zidane, after the game said that madrid is very lucky to win. The reason, Barcelona also played well and able to dominate the course of action.

"Small changes can make a substantial difference in the match. We are fighting hard to face Barcelona, ​​who controlled most of the game. But, we were able to give a surprise and a blow at the end of the match.
The two eternal rivals will meet again at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 27, 2011 as the first leg match. Furthermore, the second leg at Camp Nou on May 3, 2011.
Wednesday night, madrid held a party at the Plaza de Cibeles. The players are transported by bus and show off the Copa del Rey trophies, which welcomed about 150,000 supporters. The pouring rain as if to add festive celebrations.

Sergio Ramos was very excited. When a turn holding the trophy and flaunt to the fans, he lifted it high.

Whether it was pouring rain, fatigue, or because of euphoria, it suddenly slipped from the hands of trophy Ramos. He failed to catch him and the trophy fell in front of the bus. Trophy that had passed the bus and after appearing behind him already in poor condition and broken.

madrid liking the whole public was as if slapped and into grief. Therefore, the pride of a very historic trophy was damaged. Already 8 years was perceived madrid, once achieved, it was dropped and broken.

Lucky Real madrid finally get a replica trophy Copa del Rey after the original King's Cup run over a bus to pieces while being paraded on Wednesday this week. Replication is now on display in the trophy cabinet at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of El Real.

Given the King's Cup replica jewelry businessman who is also the original trophy maker, Federico Alegre. The newspaper El Mundo wrote, Alegre said it always make a backup replica for anticipating going beyond the estimates.

Alegre promised to try to fix the original trophy. But he's not sure when repairs could be completed.

Alegre did not angry or upset his work so "messy". Instead, he joked, that event must be a joke that will continue to be discussed in the future.


  1. Yeah I seen this and thought OMG there goes the Copa del Rey. It must have been badly damaged from the fall and then to get run over by the bus.

  2. Oh well, he should have known where he was heading!