May 10, 2011

10 Former Football Player and Coach of Film and Television

Gridiron star if discharged its golden ages is likely to decide to quit, but when it was retired, they usually will still choose a profession which is not far away from Football. Yes, not a few who tried to seek his fortune in another business, ranging from property to trade. But is there trying to break into the film industry? Below there are at least 10 Former Football Player and Coach of Film and Television who already demonstrate their ability to act in front of the camera.

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Former Players Milan, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid)
In this film, former Milan, Inter, PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid it will collide with the role of Juliette Lewis and Andy Garcia, a top Hollywood actress.
Ronaldo became one of the players who tried to come into this world. He will take part in a small role in the film made Marcio Garcia called Open Road.

George Allison (former Arsenal coach)
Allison could be trusted to handle the legendary Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman died. He managed to bring Arsenal won many trophies in competition champions England, ranging from the English Premier League, FA Cup to the League Cup.

What makes it even more famous when he appeared in movies made in Highbury, The Arsenal Stadium Mystery in 1939. She was being herself in this movie and get a dialogue, namely "It's one-nil to the Arsenal. That's The Way We like it." Dialogue is still remembered today.

George Best (Former Manchester United player)
No United's fans who do not know. But perhaps only a few know if Best never played in the movie comedy Percy in 1971.
The film tells about a man whose genitals had to be amputated due to hit by a another man who fell from a building while carrying a candle. Another film starring Best is The Alf Garnett Saga in 1972.

Paul Breitner (former Bayern Munich defender and Real Madrid)
The film, starring players are Potato Fritz. Tells the story of a group of Germans who left his hometown to go to the Wild West area and dealing with the thief of gold. Breitner own role as Sergeant Stark in the film.
Another film that also raises Breitner is comedy Kunyonga - Mord in Africa in 1986.

Pele & Bobby Moore (Player of the legendary Brazilian and English)
Escape to Victory is a legendary film. In addition to two legendary players, this film starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine.
For Moore, the film became the only movie ever starred. But not for Pele. He never played in the movie in 1987 and 2001 Hotshot, Mike Bassett: England Manager.

Vinnie Jones (The former Chelsea, Leeds United and Wimbledon)
His career as a player is not so bright. But when the action on screen, his ability deserves thumbs up.
Vinnie Jones Filmography even be somewhat remarkable. Debuted in 1998 with an artificial star in Guy Ritchie films, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch Juha. In 2000, she collided with the role of Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds as the Sphinx.
In 2006, X-Men: The Last Stand, a film which followed as a mutant named Juggernaut. Vinnie is also involved in making music albums and numerous television series, as well as reality show Celebrity Big Brother 2010. Vinnie also had a chance to be a star advertisement.

Eric Cantona (King Eric, the star of Manchester United)
Somewhat remarkable football career and the peak is at Manchester United's defense. In this club, a variety of achievements also controversy made.
After retirement, Cantona tried many fields, including film. He is also involved in the 1998 film Elizabeth and collided with the role of Cate Blanchett. In 2009, there was a movie with his name and titled Looking for Eric.

Even in 2010, Eric Cantona tried to explore the role of art by taking part in Face au Paradis stage theater, the play is directed by his wife, Rachina Brakni.

John Harkes (Got To defend Derby County, West Ham United and Nottingham Forest)
Movie career of former players from the United States is now clashing with Gerard Butler's character in The Game of Their Lives in 2005. Harkes in this movie should take pains to learn to change his accent a Scottish accent.

Stan Collymore (Aston Villa and Liverpool striker)
Playing in sensual film Basic Instinct 2 in 2006, Stan Collymore collided with the Sharon Stone role. But her acting has been criticized sharply by many media.

John Barnes (Player of the legendary Liverpool)
Twice involved in film making. The first was in 2002, where he became one of the extras cast in Ben's It Like Beckham.
Both films are The Shouting Men in 2010. Barnes appearance in this film was praised by the British media.

taken from various sources.