March 30, 2011

Juan Agudelo, New phenomenom in the United States

His name is Juan Agudelo, New phenomenon in the United States is football is still a teenager. South Africa has the objective of the six days before carved the age of 18. Agudelo Jozy Altidore has managed to beat the record for the youngest scorer in the Army Sam's sculpture at the age of 18 and 92 days. Surprisingly, the game was in Cape Town will be a first for the senior national Agudelo.

The young star players in New York Red Bulls is predicted that the future of American professional. Early stat marked April 27, 2010 Open Cup in the game against the Union of Philadelphia. If players pillar Red Bulls, Thierry Henry, were injured in the MLS last week, coach Hans Backe Agudelo decided to make their debut in the United States are the highest caste was to give. Sun's development project Agudelo demonstrates the success of the young player with the Red Bulls, the first graduates of the academy participated in the MLS.
Agudelo is the latest evidence of the ability to score the goal against Argentina in match score in New Jersey on Saturday (26 / 3) evening. Disadvantaged by Esteban Cambiasso scored in the first half, the ball quickly vomiting Agudelo Carlos Bocanegra grabbed the header goalkeeper Mariano Andujar. U.S. has managed to draw against Argentina 1-1 in the match. Agudelo now collected two goals in three appearances with Sam's Army.
Agudelo names are now talking more and more busy.Media asked for a player who idolized basketball player, Kobe Bryant has been on maintaining his career, idolized wonder. Remember Freddie Adu or Jozy Altidore? So far the U.S. has been unable to reap the fruits of their potential.
Given the age of 18, many people still waiting for football Agudelo several years in the future.
Impression of a typical adolescent innocence on his lips after the match Agudelo.

"Argentina is one of the best teams in the world and they have the best players in the world. It is nice to see Lionel Messi to score was and is defended against the team feels amazing, "she said.
He knows me, finally, and a goal against an incredible experience, "said the striker 18. This is the second goal for the U.S. Agudelo, a uniform national team since 2010." As a striker, of course we are always in pursuit of the ball. I have a goal, but I feel like other players that can print. "I get a good position and I was there to greet the ball gag. I work hard to achieve, "said Agudelo.

The name of Juan Sebastian Agudelo
Place, date of birth, Manizales, Colombia, November 23, 1992
Playing position Striker
Club of New York Red Bulls 2010 - (3 times main / 1 goals)
USA National Team 2010 - (3 caps / 2 goals)
U.S. U-20-2010 - (8 caps / 2 goals)
U.S. U-17 2008-09 (16 caps / 12 goals)


  1. Incredible.

  2. he looks like a talented player
    i'm a bit jealous haha

  3. The new Freddy Adu perhaps? haha

  4. Is soccer popular in the states? for real?

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