March 29, 2011

Survey: Manchester United, the Most Hated Company in England

A survey conducted to gauge where the most hated company in the United Kingdom. The result is quite astonishing. Manchester United are at their peak Manchester United, the Most Hated Company in England, is above the international fast food restaurants, McDonald.
26% of the national survey participants to choose the care team Sir Alex Ferguson at the top of their hate list. It was believed to be the result of a strong rivalry with other clubs, also the success and strength that belongs to the United.

"Manchester United may be a victim of their own success. In the eyes of their own fans, they are very popular. But, not for fans of other clubs and banks in the economy," agency spokesman said the survey as reported by ESPN.
Full results of survey of 10 companies in the UK's most hated:

• Manchester United - 26%
• Ryanair - 23%
• British Gas - 22%
• McDonald's - 19%
• RBS - 17%
• Lloyds Bank - 16%
• Starbucks - 14%
• BT - 13%
• Sky - 13%
• easyJet - 10%
• Network Rail - 9%

"But unlike Manchester United banks and public service companies. Bank hated because getting billions of pounds to avoid bankruptcy for the then spend that money in the form of bonuses to their officers. The public service company was hated because it continues to raise rates in the middle of difficulty when people get money


  1. banks these days suck balls and i dont know how the hell starbucks got on this list i mean everyone needs their morning cup right?

  2. This is an example of how haters gonna hate. Banks should take up more of that list.

  3. personally im a millwall fan but I don´t even knew that ManU was so much hated well thanks

  4. I know they're hated but I don't see why...I put it all down to jealousy!

  5. I wouldn't have guessed. How interesting.

  6. in australia this is soccer . nice blog

  7. Ah interesting! Come check me out,

  8. thanks for sharing!